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Sightings of David and Tea in the Caribbean

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is reporting that David Duhovny and Tea Leoni have reconciled. [As always, I will say: I don't know how true these reports are since I wasn't there and there's no pictures, so you believe if you want to!]

The two recently went on vacation together with their two kids to the Mustique island in the West Indies.

A source tells Us Weekly that “David and Téa were holding hands on the beach. Everyone seemed very happy, and she looked fantastic!”

Source: Zimbio


"David Duchovny snuggled with estranged (no longer?) wife Téa Leoni on the beaches of Mustique."

Source: New York


"Are David Duchovny and Tea Leoni getting back together? They were spotted "canoodling" on the beach in Mustique."


8 coments:

Anonymous said...

I think (unfortunately ) all those "sightings" all came from the one post on Perez Hilton's site. They just changed the words to snuggling, canoodling,ect.

Anonymous said...

Although the aggregate evidence out there seems to suggest that they are indeed back together.

Which makes you wonder if the whole thing was a giant publicity stunt.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure I believe this just 2 days ago someone saw DD&Miller at a bus station. Although they could of left the next day. I hope it's true and they are back together.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, all the best to Tea and David in working things out. However, I find it hard to believe when the news comes soley from Perez.

Dani Payson said...

It just says recently they went..not like last week and spring break for kids was recently so it's possible and aren't people like Perez more likely to laugh about celebs breaking up more than getting back together? I'd like to believe it's true personally

Anonymous said...

I'd agree most likely true. Although, it is hard to believe when there are no pictures. Plus, just because they are vacationing together doesn't mean they are back together.

Anonymous said...

There's been quite a few "David and Tea have been spotted together..." things in the past few months. Separated couples don't do that, I'd think.

Anonymous said...

Eventhough the source is Perez I can't imagine it isn't true. Why other would they took Mustique? Who would come up with that? I think it's true and I hope it's true. Téa and DD are being seen more together though.