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Sightings of David and Tea in the Caribbean

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is reporting that David Duhovny and Tea Leoni have reconciled. [As always, I will say: I don't know how true these reports are since I wasn't there and there's no pictures, so you believe if you want to!]

The two recently went on vacation together with their two kids to the Mustique island in the West Indies.

A source tells Us Weekly that “David and Téa were holding hands on the beach. Everyone seemed very happy, and she looked fantastic!”

Source: Zimbio


"David Duchovny snuggled with estranged (no longer?) wife Téa Leoni on the beaches of Mustique."

Source: New York


"Are David Duchovny and Tea Leoni getting back together? They were spotted "canoodling" on the beach in Mustique."


David and son spotted in NYC

David Duchovny and son Kyd Miller were spotted in New York City recently (no date is mentioned)... Here is the report:

Just Another Ride on the Bus

So...Elizabeth and I jumped on the cross town bus to get to Fifth Ave. I rarely ride the bus around town, but after this experience I think I might start.

I got on first and quickly made my way to the second of the two buses (it was a double bus). I got to the spinney part where the two buses connect (where I like to sit), but there was someone there and I didn't want to sit straight across from them. That can be awkward. So I sat in the first row of the second bus. Elizabeth quickly joined me. I was sitting there looking out the window enjoying my little bus ride, when Elizabeth nudged me and whispered, "look who it is?" I looked at the two people sitting in my favorite seat and realized it was David Duchovny and his little son!

We both did our best to keep cool, but you could feel the excitement in the air. It was at this point that his son dropped his backpack and the legos he was playing with. He jumped down and picked up his things, but left a lone lego on the floor of the bus. Over eager and without hesitation, Elizabeth and I both politely alerted him that he had dropped a lego (enthusiastically pointing as well).

David and his son both leaned over to see the lonely lego on the floor. The little guy jumped down and picked it up. David smiled at us and said, "Thanks!" Yes, that's right. David Duchovny looked at me and said thanks. I think that pretty much makes us best friends. What do you think?

I tried to sneak a picture on my phone, but it didn't turn out overly well. This truly made Elizabeth's New York trip complete. Nothing says New York like a seeing a celebrity in the wild.


Sighting - Tea Leoni Visits Madison Ave Lilly Store

Yesterday (March 20th) was a star-studded day at 1020 Madison Avenue (The Pink Pelican). Not only did they have a visit from Julia Roberts in the morning, but THEN actress Tea Leoni came into the store the afternoon! It was her first visit to the store but she was knew that it had opened and had been trying to find time to come in and shop.

On this visit, she came in specifically for swim and tried on numerous bathing suits and ended up purchasing the Kena Bandeau in the What a Wonderful World print, as well as the Largo Skirt. The Madison Avenue team reports Tea was great and really excited to come in and shop!


I just joined Twitter...

And, of course, I couldn't resist... Here are some reports of sightings.

Just a little disclaimer: I don't know how true these reports are since I wasn't there and there's no pictures, so you believe if you want to!

Ahem. second david duchovny equinox spotting this am.
5:59 AM Mar 17th from txt

No twit in a few. I sat next to David Duchovny today- most lovely dinner- Done. Enough said, today was grand :-)
6:56 PM Mar 16th from web

@NewYorkology Any idea why David Duchovny is in town? Just passed him a few mins ago on 3rd Ave around 81st St....
7:49 AM Mar 16th from TweetDeck in reply to NewYorkology

I hate spin class more than a hooker hates the herp, but it seems quite tempting with david duchovny in there.
8:53 AM Mar 14th from txt

Another David Duchovny moment at the gym. The thrill hasn't worn.
8:16 AM Mar 10th from web

just walked by david duchovny and tea leoni on 3rd ave
8:09 AM Mar 7th from mobile web

star sighting David Duchovny & Tea Leoni on 5th Ave
8:44 AM Mar 7th from twitterrific

@a99kitten Duchovny used to come into my bookstore on my Thursday morning shift every week, buy one book, a New Yorker, a NY Times, and go.
6:00 PM Mar 1st from web in reply to a99kitten

Saw David Duchovny in Penn Station. Could not resist sharing that.
5:56 PM Mar 1st from web

Just saw david duchovney and tea leoni while walking to work
7:31 AM Feb 27th from TwitterBerry

just saw david duchovny crossing third ave on 9th street
3:59 PM Feb 26th from TinyTwitter

Undercurrent rocks. Sitting behind Tea Leoni @ the Will Ferrell show. LOLing. Box Seats, baby.
5:10 PM Feb 19th from mobile web

Tea Leoni spotted in West Hollywood

Tea Leoni is spotted leaving a bar in West Hollywood, California on march 10, 2009

David Sighting in NY

David was seen today (march 09) at Candle Cafe in Manhattan...

We met each other at none other than Candle Cafe for an early lunch at 11:30. To our surprise (well, not really a surprise anymore!), David Duchovny walked in, yet again, to sit down for lunch as well. Looks as though we both had the same intentions in mind; to beat the crowds! Other than the staff, naturally, David Duchovny was the only other person in the restaurant besides us. Nicole still couldn’t work up enough courage to ask him for a picture, but we’re hoping that he’ll approach us one day! Wishful thinking! For all of you interested in knowing, I believe he ordered the Spicy Peanut Stir-fry and was reading the book Oblivion: Stories. I sound like such a creeper right now, but I promise I’m not! Just an admiring fan is all!

Read more at:

David and Tea: A Twitter sighting

A simple record of a David and Tea sighting on march 07 in NYC:

"just walked by david duchovny and tea leoni on 3rd ave"


Duchovny delights

Lauren Motzkin
Published Monday, March 2, 2009

There was not a single empty chair in the Branford common room at 3:35 p.m. Sunday afternoon. By 4:00, almost 100 students had crammed into the room, sitting on laps, windowsills and the floor, chattering excitedly and sipping cups of tea. When David Duchovny GRD ’87, star of television series “The X-Files” and “Californication,” finally entered the room, the students immediately fell silent.

“Don’t be quiet on my account. You’ll be sorely disappointed,” Duchovny quipped.

Over the next hour and 15 minutes, Duchovny answered students’ questions and shared stories ranging from working on the set to encounters with crazy fans to his policy of never reading his own Wikipedia page.

Before beginning, however, he motioned to the young girl sitting on the floor in front of him.

“I have my daughter West with me so couch your questions accordingly,” he said.

It was at Yale in the late 1980s, where he earned his master’s degree in English literature, that Duchovny became involved in acting.

“I was interested in writing for screen and television but I wanted to know what it was like to speak the words,” he said. “So I started hanging around the Drama School like a stray dog and sat in on classes.”

After landing a part in a Cabaret show, Duchovny began taking acting classes in New York City twice a week. In 1988 he moved to Los Angeles for a role in “New Years Day” (1989) and got an agent, leaving Yale and his unfinished dissertation behind. While it would “make [his] mother proud” were he to finish his dissertation, tentatively titled “Magic and Technology in Contemporary Fiction and Poetry,” Duchovny said he is “just hoping for an honorary degree at this point.”

Still, he said his time in academia greatly affected his later career.

“There’s some truth to the idea that acting is instinctual, not intellectual. I had to unlearn some of the intellectual side,” he explained. “But I got there through relaxation, not dumbing down. The more relaxed you can be, the more truthful you can be.”

Duchovny admitted that he never planned to be a television star.

“I didn’t want to do television because I was a snob like everyone else,” he said. “But life has a certain way of happening to you, as much as you try to steer it.”

He decided to take the role in “The X-Files” for the money. The story itself, he said, “wasn’t really my thing.”

“It still isn’t really my thing,” he added, laughing. “I thought it was just a silly science fiction show — I was wrong every step of the way.”

While Duchovny is best known for his roles in front of the camera, his true loves, he said, are writing and directing. He gained experience while working on “The X-Files,” he said, and went on to write and direct “House of D” (2004), a movie about an American artist living in Paris.

“Being a director is kind of like having no skill at all,” he said. “It’s like being a general — you’re not necessarily the best fighter or the best anything. But you’re able to marshal everyone in the right direction.”

Duchovny told stories of on-set embarrassments like being attacked by a stuffed animal while filming a scene with special effects, and crazy fans, including one about a woman who had a picture of him and his wife, actress Tea Leoni, tattooed on her arm. He shared the awkwardness of being caught singing along to Bree Sharp’s song “David Duchovny” (“I didn’t realize my name rhymed with so many things,” he noted), and revealed that his favorite line from the movie “Zoolander,” in which he played J.P. Prewitt, a retired hand model, is “I’m a finger jockey.”

Finally, one student asked: “Have you ever edited your own Wikipedia page?”

Duchovny’s answer was simple: “No.”

“It seems like cheating in a way,” he said. “It’s better not to know what people are saying. The truth is, I’ll only remember the hurtful things because that’s human nature.”

Seven students interviewed, only some of whom were “X-Files” fans, said they were impressed with the talk.

“It was insightful,” Adam Thomas ’12 said. “I didn’t realize he did so many other things. It was interesting to hear how he brings acting and writing and directing together.”

Will Wong ’09 said he was impressed with Duchovny’s down-to-earth demeanor.

“It’s great that he seems to be able to separate his real life from his screen life,” he said.

And for Duchovny, “real life” includes watching television with his children. When asked about his favorite shows, he said the only ones he watches regularly are the popular Disney show “Hannah Montana” and the Nickelodeon series “iCarly.”

“Sometimes we’ll be flipping through channels and one of the early episodes of ‘X-Files’ will be on and I’ll just think, ‘Wow, I sucked.’ I did a lot of learning on the job,” he said.


David and his kids sighting at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven

David Duchovny and his children were spotted today at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven, CT. Go here for the full account.

The truth is out there. And it may be clichéd to say that it's stranger than fiction, but that doesn’t make it untrue. I came to discover that firsthand today at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven.


But the oddest thing of all was a very random David Duchovny sighting. Believe it or not-and you will believe it because I have a picture!-the star of "The X Files" was browsing the bookstore with his children. So we ran from the periodicals section to the lower level after a kindly older lady gave us the scoop. And, sure enough, there he was. Needless to say, I discreetly assailed him with my camera, and he graciously posed for a picture as we made small talk.

Me: You know, I’ve become a big fan of The X Files late in life.

David (looking at my twenty-something self): It can’t be too late in life…

The moral of the story? You never know what-or who-you’ll run into at the bookstore…