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David and his kids sighting at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven

David Duchovny and his children were spotted today at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven, CT. Go here for the full account.

The truth is out there. And it may be clich├ęd to say that it's stranger than fiction, but that doesn’t make it untrue. I came to discover that firsthand today at the Yale Bookstore in New Haven.


But the oddest thing of all was a very random David Duchovny sighting. Believe it or not-and you will believe it because I have a picture!-the star of "The X Files" was browsing the bookstore with his children. So we ran from the periodicals section to the lower level after a kindly older lady gave us the scoop. And, sure enough, there he was. Needless to say, I discreetly assailed him with my camera, and he graciously posed for a picture as we made small talk.

Me: You know, I’ve become a big fan of The X Files late in life.

David (looking at my twenty-something self): It can’t be too late in life…

The moral of the story? You never know what-or who-you’ll run into at the bookstore…

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