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Another David Duchovny sighting in NYC

Another report of a David sighting in Manhattan today...

David Duchovny seen in Chelsea/Meatpacking
caro says “David Duchovny walking into Soho House. Wearing a hat to conceal face.”

Source: omgicu

EW: Rick Springfield joins Californication

Man, the Coreys are going to be pissed they didn't get this.

Actor-slash-"Jessie's Girl" crooner Rick Springfield has signed on to play himself in four episodes of Californication, sources confirm to me exclusively.

As I tweeted earlier this month, producers of the Showtime dramedy put out a casting call looking for "an actor who experienced huge fame in the 80's to play themselves as a now down-on his-luck-ex-celebrity waiting tables to get by."

Props to Springfield for having the guts to poke a little fun at himself. And for being down with the "tasteful nudity" and "simulated sex" that I'm told the role requires. (That noise you hear is millions of middle-aged General Hospital fans squealing, "We're going to see Dr. Drake's naughty bits!")


Outtakes from 2004 'In Style' Photoshoot

TMZ Video: David and Gary Shandling dinner in LA

The video is from the same day (april 18) as the pictures already posted.

David and Tea spotted at Broadway play today

ItsAboutHeartx3 [Kristine Doyle] at Twitter reports just now:
"Im at wicked and david duchovny and tea leoni are in the audience!!!!"

How wonderful (if this turns out to be true) that David was able to get the weekend off in LA and went to New York to celebrate his daughter, Madelaine West, 10th birthday! Pretty nice present!

'Wicked, The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz' is a Broadway musical.

New movie for Tea Leoni?

By Nikki Finke

My sources tell me that 2-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and film director George Hickenlooper (Factory Girl, Hearts of Darkness) are right now visiting Washington DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff in Cumberland Federal Prison. Abramoff, of course, was responsible for one of the biggest political scandal to hit the nation's capital since Watergate, and is the subject of a screenplay Casino Jack starring Spacey and directed by Hickenlooper and written by Norm Snider (Dead Ringers) and produced by Bill Marks, George Vitetzakis and exec-produced by Donald Zuckerman and Richard Rionda of Hannibal Pictures. A portion of the project is being financed by Brad Feinstein of Titan Multi Media Group in a deal being negotiated by Paradigm. The story is described to me as a modern day GoodFellas set in Washington DC that plays like a thriller involving Karl Rove and others in former President George W. Bush's inner circle. Cameras will roll later next month.

I'm told that Kevin Spacey is set to star as Jack Abramoff, Hayden Christensen will play Abramoff's closest associate Mike Scanlon, Spencer Garrett (Public Enemies) will play Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and Arrested Development star David Cross will play Abramoff crony Adam Kidan. The production is also in talks with Tea Leoni as Abramoff's wife.

After weeks of extensive negotiations with Abramoff attorneys and prison officials, Spacey and Hickenlooper were finally granted access late this afternoon for a creative discussion with Abramoff who is serving a 6-year sentence. Apparently the disgraced former lobbyist, who produced two Dolph Lungren movies in the early 1990s, is a big Spacey fan -- ironically citing Usual Suspects as one of his favorite films. Spacey, who is a personal friend of former President Bill Clinton and who couldn't be more the political opposite of Abramoff, apparently appreciated and respected Abramoff's openness to talk. According to an insider, “Abramoff was in good spirits and very charming with the actor. For two guys who couldn't be more different, they seemed to get along very well.”

Because of Son of Sam laws, Abramoff is legally unable to profit from any story told about him. But he apparently agreed to meet with Spacey and Hickenlooper because he believes no one has heard his side of the story. My source tells me, "Jack feels he has nothing to lose if he can at least convey his perspective even if it's from inside prison walls. Frankly, he feels like he was thrown under the bus by his fellow Republicans, especially John McCain who wanted to use Jack to help sell himself to the American people as the great reformer. The reality is Jack wasn't doing anything that wasn't happening on K-Street already. In fact it's still happening to this day and everybody knows it."

Also my source tells me that both Spacey and Hickenlooper had met Abramoff separately once before in the early 1990s when the former Washington lobbyist had a Hollywood shop set up with his brother Robert Abramoff to produce movies. "Jack used to get around the Hollywood circuit quite a bit before he came to DC," my source says. "It wouldn't surprise me if he wouldn't end up back there after he gets out of prison."

In 2004-2005, as you may recall, Abramoff was jokingly referenced by George Clooney during the 2005 Academy Awards. More significantly, Abramoff was convicted of defrauding American Indians out of millions of dollars in casino money, a scam that brought down a number of prominent Washington figures, among them Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Ohio Congressman Robert Ney. The story even gets more interesting because, according to the FBI, Abramoff was associated with a man who allegedly hired two Mafia hit men to murder the owner of a fleet of Florida casino boats Abramoff was in the process of purchasing. The Abramoff story is filled with many surprising twists and turns and has become an iconic symbol of the Bush era and all it represented.

This will be Hickenlooper's first feature since the controversial Edie Sedgwick/Andy Warhol biopic Factory Girl. A self-proclaimed political junkie, he's also the cousin of the very popular Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper who hosted last summer's Democratic National Convention. The filmmaker chronicles his cousin's role during that convention in the upcoming documentary series Hick Town which he produced with R.J. Cutler (The War Room, September Issue).


David Duchovny filming Californication

David Duchovny spotted on the set of Californication yesterday (april 23) which was being filmed at a house once owned by Tom Cruise in Beverly Hills, California.

Tea Leoni helping LARAS' House

Actress Tea Leoni has a lot of labels, a modern day Carole Lombard known for her comedic acting style and blonde beauty, the 79th sexiest woman in the world in 2000 according to FHM, mother of two and Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF. Now the New York City actress has added one more label to her resume-benefactor to LARAS’ House.

Leoni has donated to LARAS’ House to be auctioned at its First Birthday party May 7th, signed DVD’s of some of her movies as well as signed DVD’s of the first three seasons of the TV series, the X Files. They’re signed by her husband, David Duchovny, who starred in the series. She also has signed for the auction, a movie script of Jurassic Park III in which she starred. The big item that she is giving to help LARAS’ House have a successful fund-raiser is lunch in New York City with her, her treat for the highest bidder for that lunch date at the Birthday Party.

Leoni burst on the entertainment scene when she won a role in Angels 89, a new series modeled after Charlie’s Angels, which never went into production because of a writer’s strike. That opened the door however for her to win a lot of starring roles in movies with such co-stars as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Nicholas Cage in Family Man, George Hamilton and Treat Williams in Hollywood Ending, Adam Sandler in Spanglish, Jim Carrey in Fun With Dick and Jane, Ben Kingsley and Luke Wilson in You Kill Me and Greg Kinnear in Ghost Town. She also starred in two television series, Santa Barbara and The Naked Truth. Her latest film to be released later this year is Manure in which she stars opposite Billy Bob Thornton.

Leoni says, “David and I are animal rescue advocates and have adopted our pets that way. We like the job being done by LARAS’ House and have let them know that when our beloved dog, Blue, passes on, we could be looking to them to help find a suitable replacement. I am looking forward to treating your highest bidder at the First Birthday fund raiser live auction to lunch here in the Upper East Side.”

The fund-raiser party will be at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, May 7th at the Mexia Civic Center. Ticket sales are limited to 300 people. Adult tickets are $10.00. Tickets for children 12 and under are $5.00. Tickets can be purchased in Groesbeck at the Groesbeck Journal, Nadine’s and Woodson Lumber & Hardware. In Mexia, tickets are available at Hamilton House, Woodson Lumber & Hardware and Kwik Kar Oil and Lube. Sponsor tables are available for $100.00. Those tables have six tickets that come with them. To purchase a sponsor table, contact a LARAS’ House board member.


David Duchovny on Californication set

Luenell and David Duchovny on set for Californication

Source: Flickr

David Duchovny and Garry Shandling out for dinner

David Duchovny and good friend Garry Shandling went out for dinner last night (april 18) in Los Angeles.

With David and family living in New York, I had forgotten that LA paparazzi don't sleep on the job! That's the third set of photos in less than a week.

David and Tea donated more than $100,000 to UNICEF in 2008

Thanks to a reader who sent me this information!

UNICEF's 2008 annual report is out with a big list of supporters and is no suprise that David and Tea are among them!

David and Tea, along with Tea's parents (Anthony and Emily Pantaleoni), are featured in 'Individual Supporters' list for having made a donation of more than $100,000 in 2008.

In the 'Corporate Supporters' list, The Helenka and Guido Pantaleoni Foundation is also listed as having donated more than $100,000 in 2008.

Individual Supporters
UNICEF Leaders’ Circle
Gifts of $100,000 and above

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Lars E. Bader
Barbara H. and James A. Block
Mr. Michael Cormack and Ms. Jenny Drake
Dr. Dolores Rice Gahan and
Mr. Thomas J. Gahan
Mrs. Olivia B. Hansen
Olivia Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Hemmer
Mr. William A. Jones, III
Peter and Deborah Lamm
Ms. Téa Leoni and Mr. David Duchovny
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pantaleoni

Ms. Tonise Paul and Mr. Eric Harkna
Mr. Scott Randell
Marjorie and Bob Schaffner
Mr. Robert J. Weltman

To help UNICEF help children around the world, go to their website: UNICEF

Books That Made a Difference to Tea Leoni

Just a nice article with Tea that hadn't been posted here before...

From the September 2008 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

Life is too short to read bad books. On the actress's don't-miss list: stories of a girl standing up to her teacher, an immigrant family almost swallowed up by their new country, evil—and the possibility of redemption—lurking in the next cubicle, and a pair of patriots led tragically astray.
I've been reading the classics over the past few years: things I didn't read in high school for one reason or another, or that I read and have no memory of because I was too focused on boys. The decision was probably influenced by my being married to a guy who came thisclose to finishing his PhD in English literature. He has the greatest knowledge of literature of anybody else I'm close to. Over the years, I've noticed a lot of Penguin Classics piling up on the bookshelves. It reminded me that there are works of literature I might want to read before I die. I've had a very good education, but I didn't recognize the gold I was being given then. I'm only partly joking when I say I wish I could go back to Brearley or Sarah Lawrence at 40.

I think you can come to great books too soon. I know I read Moby Dick too young; to me, it was just a story about a whale. I don't know if you can come to a book too late, though I know I'd avoided A Tree Grows in Brooklyn because I thought it was juvenile. I was prepared to read it quickly, just to have it as a notch in my bedpost, but I was stunned by it. There are reasons that they're classics, reasons you will float when you read them. They're not art first—I think they're life first.

— As told to Mamie Healey

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
By Betty Smith

Set in Brooklyn, just before the first World War, this novel is not simply the story of a girl coming of age. It's raw and uncensored in the way it deals with poverty and class. The main character, Francie Nolan, doesn't have much of a childhood, and mostly she accepts her circumstances. But when one of her teachers tells Francie that she's a terrible writer, she rejects it. It's a real gift when you're doing art to understand that what you're doing is right. Something similar happened to me, and I remember being frustrated by the idea that I had to accept that an adult had a better estimation of my talents or my limitations. Francie is only a child—and yet she is certain the teacher is wrong.

Lipshitz 6, or Two Angry Blondes
By T. Cooper

My mother gave this book to me. She grew up in Amarillo, Texas, where a lot of the story is set. Of course, if anyone from Amarillo makes any waves in the world, everyone from Amarillo is going to know about it. The novel is a fictionalized account of the author's Russian Jewish immigrant family. Starting at the turn of the century, it follows them as they almost get swallowed by America. It's actually two stories that collide, with this line: "That's not the end. This is the end." Suddenly you've jumped to the present, and one descendant is an Eminem imitator in New York. I can't say it's a seamless transition—but I was knocked out by this book.

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
By Michael Dorris

There's something about Michael Dorris's writing that I found shockingly sensitive to the female voice. He tells the story of a single family from the points of view of three women. The book starts with the teenage Rayona. Then you cut to her mother's perspective, and you realize that a child can look at her parent's actions and think, "You were so cruel," but we very rarely experience our parent's interpretation of that same time. My mom and I can do that now. As I'm sitting here, I'm moving my daughter to New York at the exact same age that I was when I moved to New York. Now I can ask my mother, "Why did we move?" As a child, I was given reasons, but they were probably reasons to make it easier, not necessarily the truth. I'm very conscious of wanting to be honest with my daughter about my motives.

The Exception
By Christian Jungersen

Jungersen brings up questions in this thriller, such as, Where is evil? Is it possible that it resides in all of us? The story follows four women in a seemingly benign office that collects and distributes information on acts of genocide. When two of the women receive terrifying e-mails, the threats are a catalyst. People begin to commit heinous acts of bullying against each other. They also find ways to justify their behavior—and what's so key is that self-deception. You realize at the end of the novel that while we might not necessarily find a way to end genocide, we can possibly wake up and find a solution to our own behavior.

American Dreamers: The Wallaces and Reader's Digest, an Insider's Story
By Peter Canning

I was so taken with this history of the couple who started Reader's Digest and became two of the country's wealthiest individuals. DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace began the company with altruistic and patriotic intentions. They wanted to make knowledge more accessible to people. Eventually, the U.S. government used the magazine—the foreign editions especially—for its own political agenda, pushing propaganda through it. For me, this book is eerily relevant. It's not just some ex-employee talking about the king and queen getting old and how Parliament came in and ruined everything. Canning shows where the Wallaces should be held accountable and how they became so vulnerable. I think this story is a modern American tragedy.


Californication is back

David Duchovny and Evan Handler were seen today (april 16) shooting scenes for the upcoming season of Californication in Beverly Hills, LA.

Here are some HQ pictures: