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David and Tea donated more than $100,000 to UNICEF in 2008

Thanks to a reader who sent me this information!

UNICEF's 2008 annual report is out with a big list of supporters and is no suprise that David and Tea are among them!

David and Tea, along with Tea's parents (Anthony and Emily Pantaleoni), are featured in 'Individual Supporters' list for having made a donation of more than $100,000 in 2008.

In the 'Corporate Supporters' list, The Helenka and Guido Pantaleoni Foundation is also listed as having donated more than $100,000 in 2008.

Individual Supporters
UNICEF Leaders’ Circle
Gifts of $100,000 and above

Anonymous (2)
Mr. Lars E. Bader
Barbara H. and James A. Block
Mr. Michael Cormack and Ms. Jenny Drake
Dr. Dolores Rice Gahan and
Mr. Thomas J. Gahan
Mrs. Olivia B. Hansen
Olivia Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Hemmer
Mr. William A. Jones, III
Peter and Deborah Lamm
Ms. Téa Leoni and Mr. David Duchovny
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pantaleoni

Ms. Tonise Paul and Mr. Eric Harkna
Mr. Scott Randell
Marjorie and Bob Schaffner
Mr. Robert J. Weltman

To help UNICEF help children around the world, go to their website: UNICEF

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