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Tea Leoni helping LARAS' House

Actress Tea Leoni has a lot of labels, a modern day Carole Lombard known for her comedic acting style and blonde beauty, the 79th sexiest woman in the world in 2000 according to FHM, mother of two and Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF. Now the New York City actress has added one more label to her resume-benefactor to LARAS’ House.

Leoni has donated to LARAS’ House to be auctioned at its First Birthday party May 7th, signed DVD’s of some of her movies as well as signed DVD’s of the first three seasons of the TV series, the X Files. They’re signed by her husband, David Duchovny, who starred in the series. She also has signed for the auction, a movie script of Jurassic Park III in which she starred. The big item that she is giving to help LARAS’ House have a successful fund-raiser is lunch in New York City with her, her treat for the highest bidder for that lunch date at the Birthday Party.

Leoni burst on the entertainment scene when she won a role in Angels 89, a new series modeled after Charlie’s Angels, which never went into production because of a writer’s strike. That opened the door however for her to win a lot of starring roles in movies with such co-stars as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Nicholas Cage in Family Man, George Hamilton and Treat Williams in Hollywood Ending, Adam Sandler in Spanglish, Jim Carrey in Fun With Dick and Jane, Ben Kingsley and Luke Wilson in You Kill Me and Greg Kinnear in Ghost Town. She also starred in two television series, Santa Barbara and The Naked Truth. Her latest film to be released later this year is Manure in which she stars opposite Billy Bob Thornton.

Leoni says, “David and I are animal rescue advocates and have adopted our pets that way. We like the job being done by LARAS’ House and have let them know that when our beloved dog, Blue, passes on, we could be looking to them to help find a suitable replacement. I am looking forward to treating your highest bidder at the First Birthday fund raiser live auction to lunch here in the Upper East Side.”

The fund-raiser party will be at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, May 7th at the Mexia Civic Center. Ticket sales are limited to 300 people. Adult tickets are $10.00. Tickets for children 12 and under are $5.00. Tickets can be purchased in Groesbeck at the Groesbeck Journal, Nadine’s and Woodson Lumber & Hardware. In Mexia, tickets are available at Hamilton House, Woodson Lumber & Hardware and Kwik Kar Oil and Lube. Sponsor tables are available for $100.00. Those tables have six tickets that come with them. To purchase a sponsor table, contact a LARAS’ House board member.


3 coments:

Anonymous said...

"when our beloved dog Blue passes on" I don't like those words. :( I ADORE that dog. It's so sad to loose a pet. I'm so glad they are involved with animals helping them.

Anonymous said...

It's always very nice to do something good for animals in my book, but couldn't they have helped out a NYC shelter. There are many many shelters here in the tri-state area so to go to Texas sounds a little crazy. I know she has a connection to Texas so the donation is nice but their next dog could come from NYC.

JennBLITZ said...

I know there's gazzillions of people in this world, but I'm not sure that being the "79th sexiest woman" is worth mentioning lol.