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Globe nominees speak out: David Duchovny

Somehow, David Duchovny's manager was able to penetrate the actor's "hotel fortress" in Vancouver to alert him of his Golden Globe nomination for best actor in a TV comedy series. "She said it was an awards-related emergency," Duchovny said. The "Californication" star had been up all night shooting scenes for the new "X-Files" movie. He made sure to turn off all his devices and hang a "do not disturb" sign but nevertheless was thrilled to hear the news. "Awards are nice in the moment, but (a nomination) is wonderful because it brings attention to the show," he said. The multiple-award winner -- he won a best actor Globe in 1997 for TV's "The X-Files" -- planned to celebrate by going back to sleep, dreaming he was never awakened and waking up to live it all over again.

Thanks to Hollywood Reporter!

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