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Tea Leoni makes time for love, family

By Valerie Nome

Téa Leoni is a wife and mother first, and a movie star second.

“The film needs to be good enough for me to spend twelve hours a day away from them,” the You Kill Me star, who has been married to David Duchovny for ten years, told OK! this week.

These days, Téa, 41, has her hands full playing the love interest in the comedic thriller You Kill Me, which opens Friday (June 22). Even with a busy schedule that takes her away from home, she has a tattoo of a wedding band on her ring finger that shows as a constant reminder of her husband’s love.

“I thought the way he tattooed his wedding band on his finger was very sexy and romantic,” she told OK! “His insisting that I go and do the same was less romantic … and painful. I figured if I put it on my abs, in 40 years, it might change shape. It was better if I put it on my ring finger.”

Téa confesses, “I love his mind, I love his body, I love his humor, I love the way that he fathers. But I don’t like that he leaves his shoes around. The guy has boats for feet! He leaves his size 12 shoes halfway sticking out of the coffee table so that I can almost kill myself walking on them. That drives me nuts.”

Certainly parenting their daughter Madelaine West, 8, and son Kyd Miller, 5, keeps her busy. The actress says her kids understand what she and her famous hubby do for a living, but they don’t take it seriously.

“My daughter doesn’t quite think it’s worth it,” she says. “It’s troublesome to her. ‘What do you mean you’re going to work? You’re going to go make a movie? That’s not work!’ She’s just starting to become aware of it. But my son has found The X-Files. We don’t let him see any of The X-Files all the way through, but we have this pinball machine that is an X-Files pinball machine. That’s what my son thinks David does for a living. That he makes pinball machines for the X-Files. So he sits there and he plays it. He’s like ‘isn’t this a great game? Wait, I can’t talk ‘cause my dad, he’s being chased by that guy, and there’s the oil guy…’ It’s very funny.”

How did they celebrate Father’s Day? “The kids actually did beautiful self portraits and they framed them. They had drawn these great pastels, and they gave them to David very, very early on Sunday morning. He didn’t get to sleep in.”

Growing old with David, 46, is one of the many joys Téa enjoys. What’s their secret? “Ask me in 40 years,” she says. “I don’t want to work with David until we’re ready to do Mr and Mrs. Bridge. “

From Ok! Magazine

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