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Family comes first for Tea Leoni


Beautiful US actress Tea Leoni is still smitten with her husband David Duchovny ten years after they tied the knot, and she would put him and their children before her career.

In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Tea revealed that not only is David a great dad, he is also a really romantic hubby - and that it was his idea for the couple to have tattoos of their wedding rings on their fingers.

"I thought the way he tattooed his wedding band on his finger was very sexy and romantic. His insisting that I go and do the same was less romantic … and painful."

"I figured if I put it on my abs, in 40 years, it might change shape. It was better if I put it on my ring finger."

However, she also revealed that despite his good qualities there are certain things about her 46-year-old beau that get on her nerves!

"I love his mind, I love his body, I love his humour, I love the way that he fathers. But I don't like that he leaves his shoes around," she said. "The guy has boats for feet! He leaves his size 12 shoes halfway sticking out of the coffee table so that I can almost kill myself walking on them. That drives me nuts."

Mother-of-two Tea is currently starring in the comedy thriller You Kill Me, which is due to be released in the UK later this year.

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