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Tea Leoni Admits Past Year ''Has Been Hard"

The actress calls the last year hard but good, and will be spending some time close to home.

A couple of readers emailed me asking for a transcript because they weren't able to watch the clip. So, here it is...

Q: Do you know what you're shooting next?
TL: No, I don't. And I, you know, we moved to New York and the kids are in new schools and I need to stay close by while they get used to all that.

Q: Is it a relief to be talking about work for a change? You've had... it's been a tough year, obviously... There's the tabloids and all that kind of stuff... A relief to put that stuff aside and actually be proud of a film and talk about that kind of stuff?
TL: Yeah, I mean it hasn't [laughs] Thanks for asking about it. It has been hard, but it's also been great. I mean it, it has been a great year. And it is fun, to come up out here, and it's a festival that is *festive*, which I can't say about, I don't know, some of the other ones.

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