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News and mentions from the SAG Awards

Los Angeles Times - The Envelope
The screaming, squealing fans that luck into a seat in a long canopied bleacher are hoarse halfway through the afternoon. They beg for an autograph, a wave, even eye contact but most of the stars pass with barely a glance their way. Some, though, do answer the bellowing pleas; David Duchovny, looking slimmer and more serious than in past years, unhooked a velvet rope to approach the bleachers and scribble his name for delieriously happy fans.

USA Weekend
David Duchovny, who stars in my fave Californication, tells me that he likes that in starting with the second season "the heart of the show is coming through. It's really about love." Sadly, he walked the carpet without wife Tea Leoni. ...

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It's so good to see this site back up! It looks great.

Thanks for the lovely pics and articles on DD and TL.