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David Duchovny & Tea Leoni To Produce Born To Rock

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni's banner And Then Prods. will be making some music with CBS Films.

CBS has acquired the comedy spec "Born to Rock" from writers Jess Walter and Mark Steilen, with Duchovny, Leoni and Dan Cortese producing and And Then's Susanna Jolly on board to exec produce.

The project revolves around a group of struggling, aging rock musicians who, because of a mixup in their demo tape, end up catching a record exec's attention for a children's
song written on a lark, then find unlikely success as a Wiggles-type children's band.

Duchovny, who described the project as "rock 'n' roll meets the sippy cup crowd," said that the mix of older musicians playing youth-oriented music had relevance. "It speaks to a cultural phenomenon that is happening right now in music," he said.

And Then conceived and developed the script, signing on Steilen and Walter to pen the screenplay.

Maria Faillace will oversee "Rock" for CBS.

The Amy Baer-led film unit is in development on a number of projects, including the Harrison Ford medical drama "Crowley" and the political thriller "Protect and Defend."

And Then is seeking to ramp up its feature production; the shingle is on board to produce historical drama "American Dreamers" as well as potential Leoni comedy vehicle "Sex Toy Lady" with Holding Pictures.

Steilen has collaborated with the Farrelly brothers on movies like "Stuck on You" and is penning the dueling-father comedy "Time Share" for Sony.

Walter -- who, like Steilen, is repped by ICM -- is attached to write the script for the Christian Alvart thriller "The Zero."

Source: THR

6 coments:

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

Exciting! :)

Liliane said...

Wishing you all the best! Stay strong, stay together.. things will get better!

Liliane Dantas

Dominique said...

sorry to hear the news today... i hope everything works out for the best. Dom

Mama said...

I have been reading the older posts in this blog which I just discovered. I have met both David and Tea' a few times and they are very wonderful and accommodating towards their fans. I, like many other fans, was sorry to hear of their personal business being splashed all over the news and internet. And I feel confident that any problems they are experiencing will soon be resolved. They are are lovely couple and I wish them the best of luck.

Mama said...

I am glad to here they are still being friendly if, in fact, the stories being written are true. I have met David and Tea' several times and they are wonderful people. I sincerely hope that their personal problems get worked out. And I can't wait to see any new stuff they do in the future

Martina said...

Is this blog defunct? I really hope not - please don't stop.