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FHM: The X-Files icon on alien probes, getting his kit off and Page 3...

The second X-files movie is out next month, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, does it follow on from the series which ended in 2002?
No, it's a standalone piece. It doesn't involve the government conspiracy, which was one of the themes during the course of the show and it doesn't have any connection to the last X-Files movie either.

What are Mulder and Scully doing when we're reintroduced to them?
I can't tell you, but we've considered where we left them in the Season 9 finale and where they would be now. We didn't want to insult the fans by revisiting the concepts of the series, so we've not done that. The 'menace' in this film is something more reality-based, we always thought it scarier if things happen in the realm of possibility.

It's been 10 years since the last X-Files movie. Why make a sequel now?
It was something I always wanted to do. I thought that it would be fulfiling to be able to come back to this character every five yeras at different stages of his life and track him. I'd love to follow Mulder as he got older and older. We hope this becomes a film franchise.

In 1999 you filled a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox over profits from The X-Files and also fell out with creator Chris Carter, saying you'd never work with him again. What made you change your mind?
Actually, I never said that. The argument was over the people who were dispensing the money that the show was earning, not with Chris. We've always had healthy creative discussions about what was best, especially in the heyday of the show. I have strong opinions on what is right and I feel like the custodian of this charecter, Mulder - how he's going to be and what he's going to say.

There were pictures 'leaked' with you and Scully kissing. Is that in the film?
I'm not sure I want to tell you, they might kill me . Or you. I'd rather it were FHM, obviously.

FHM magazine have had Gillian Anderson on the cover of the magazine twice, so come on, own up, is she any good at kissing?
Yeah. And we've kissed before over the years, in fact, someone found one of these videos pastiches that fans put togethter online - they cut all the kissing scenes together and set it to music. Chris, Gillian and I were watching and she said, "I thought we only kissed once?" It was like a porn movie. It looked as if we were all over each other. So it's been many years of kissing and it's not been a chore at all, at least not for Mulder. I guess you should ask Scully.

We will. Is there any political allegory in the new film? The timing is right...
I guess because Mulder and Scully work for the FBI there's always going to be some sort of political contact for any movie that we do. Like when we did the first movie, it was during the Clinton administration. We kind of reflected that and now I think this movie reflects the Bush era, in the sense that the kind of conspiracy Mulder believes in, and his paranoia, seemed during the Clinton years more like fantasy, because then America seemed an open-air, democratic administration. We were relatively at peace and the economy was very strong. But now it's a different country, the government is secretive and covertly operating. Mulder's paranoia would appear to have been borne out.

Bizarrely, Billy COnnolly is in the movie. Was he a funny man to have around?
Hilarious. And I know you want anecdotes but I'm awful at recalling them. He was great though - like many great comics he has the perfect timing, so that gives him the ability to deliver really great dramatic lines.

If aliens actually invaded Earth who would you send as an ambassador?
Well, it wouldn't be me. With visiting aliens I always think of the phenomenon of the 'ship of fools', where they used to take the underisables, the criminally insane, and instead of putting them in prisons they'd put them on a ship and send them off into the high seas. So, my theory is that aliens do the same thing, which is why every time a human being has contact with one they tend to get their teeth drilled or their anuses probed. Because it's obvious they've sent away their dentists and their sex offenders. What is it with aliens that they're so into our asses?

Bummers, eh? Do you get conspiracy theorists coming up to you with 'evidence'?
Occasionally. Every now and the somebody will send me a book to read.

Can you still remember your first day on the Tv show?
Definitely. I came back to the hotel, got into the bath tub and thought, "there is no way I can do this every day. It's just too tiring." And then I did it for nine years.

We interviwed Willian Shatner recently and it was clear he was a bit miffed that he isn't in the new Star Trek movie. How would you have felt if they'd gone ahead and made The X-Files without you?
Terrible. Absolutely. I wouldn't have understood that at all, although they made one year of the show without me. So that was bad enough.

What scares you?
Just mundane things, like my children getting hurt. And I guess I'm scared of humiliation, less so physical pain. I wouldn't like to be tortured, but I like to think that I'd hold up under torture.

Your TV show Californication is pretty full-on. Do you get embarrassed having to do the sex scenes?
No, although I don't want to offend anybody with my horrible ass. But really I don't mind being naked if it's called for. It doen't bother me at all. I think peolpe are vey uptight about sex in general. I prefer you Brits' attitude: you have naked people on TV. You are really way ahead of the game; we're the parochial ones. You have FHM and you have Page 3 girls.

Knowing you might have to show your backside, did you try and get it in shape?
I had that fear. I always like to be in good shape and I thought I should go to the gym before we started shooting, but the show's creator said, "No, this guy, he's run down and going to pot. He's gone to seed". I said, "If it was a movie, that's a good idea, but as a series, believe me, you're not going to want to see me fat."

How does it feel to be sued by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers over using the word 'Californication'?
I probably shouln't talk about it; I'm not sure of the legal status. They filed a complain so it's probably best I keep my mouth shut. I do know they didn't make up the term, though. I don't think we were referring to that song, we were just referring to the word.

Finally, do you believe the truth is out there?
I think that is an interesting tag phrase. I don't know what it really means. I guess it means a few different things. I always thought of it as 'out there' - you know, far-fetched - not 'out there!"

The X-Fiels: I Want To Believe is out on August 1.

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Geez, does this magazine or whatever have an editor?? Nice interview if you can get through all of the typos and mispellings and such.

Thanks for posting though, it's a good read.

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Ok now I feel bad because you probably sat there and typed this all out yourself rather than copy paste right? Sorry (;