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Mulder is back!

First stills of Mulder and Scully in X-Files movie:

4 coments:

jonna said...

can't wait for the sequel! i grew up with The X-Files. i've been doing an X-Files DVD marathon recently and now that i'm older, seeing the episodes again gives me a better perspective of the show. i hope it will be shown sooner!

AnGeL said...

Many of us have waited a VERY long time for thee awesome confirmation that our favourite FBI agents are back! Many theories on what happened after they made a run for it and how they will return..
I guess my concern is that they will downplay the connection that was built between these two characters as if we have imagined it.. I hope they won't - X files 2!
I can hardly believe it.. or wait!!

Claudia said...

Hello beautiful....welcome home. :)
* fidgets with excitement *

mulderNscullyrock said...

i saw the movie like 10 times in the same day i loved it! =) fox mulder with a beard made me laugh i thought there would be more action into the paranormal but this is ok. i have only been aware of the xfiles for a year or so my mom brought it into my life and now i can't get it out i have every dvd and watch them over and over again there are so good
im so glad that they are part of my life!