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Actors on Actors: Garry Shandling on David Duchovny

Daily Variety (SAG Awards Preview) [Nov 29, 2007]

Garry Shandling on David Duchovny
::Actors on Actors::

"It's the small moments to watch for in 'Californication.' The tiniest moments that show the character and actor's core without Dave almost doing anything, but allowing it to happen. It's the glance to the side, the roll of the eyes, or the fearful openness he has when he asks his wife, 'Was I ever mean to you?' Then there's a broad moment where his head goes through an expensive painting just as he's climaxing with yet another woman. It's all unpredictable in a new way that he hasn't been. Closer to the bone. Courageous, yet still hiding. That's Hank. It's impossible to like him, isn't it? He fucks everything that moves, and doesn't have enough focus left to write anything, which is his occupation. He's lost, and yet not. He's oblivious, and yet not. But, here's what he is for sure: present. Don't misunderstand. Hank is not David. He has crafted a character that allows him to explore and go further. And don't mistake the womanizing as a flimsy gimmick. Hank's just got it, and it's a key clue to his psyche, because for him it is just one more way he escapes the moment while fully being in it."

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