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X Files Star On Fearsome Scots Mum...

Oct 21 2007 By Steve Hendry

... says Californication Star David Duchovny

DAVID DUCHOVNY may be a 47-year-old Hollywood star but there are still some things it's best his Scots mum doesn't know about - and he says new series Californication is one of them.

So the X-Files actor did not send a tape of the series to his north-east-born mum Meg - and he is keeping his fingers crossed she has not watched it.

The clue is in the title because the raunchy show is packed with steamy sex scenes, graphic language and close-up shots of her son's backside.

He said: "This is not a good show for her. Mums have a different perspective. She's not interested in watching something where I die or get naked."

Meg, a teacher from Whitehills near Aberdeen, would have to be watching with her hands clamped firmly over her eyes to miss him stripping off.

But he insists the scenes are all done in the best possible taste.

He said: "The sex is farcical. I hope I'm not turning people off but I liked the adult humour that I hadn't seen before on TV. A lot of American comedy is childish."

In the show, being shown on Five, David plays novelist Hank Moody who is catapulted into a massive midlife crisis.

His critically-acclaimed novel is turned into a cheesy romantic comedy starring a "Tom and Kate", he splits from his longterm girlfriend and ends up in bed with her new love's underage daughter.

Hank turns to sex, drugs and booze. In the pilot he even dreams of having steamy sex with a nun, played by Michelle Nordin.

David said: "There's a reprehensible quality to this guy. I thought it was interesting to make him somebody you would want to pull for.

"The only thing that's keeping him going is the fact he thinks he should be with his family and he's trying to figure out how to get them back. He's like a romantic anti-hero."

David understands the need to keep your family together all too well.

His parents split when he was 11. His father, Amram, moved to Paris to write while Meg stayed in Manhattan to raise David and siblings Daniel and Laurie.

He was brought up knowing all about his Scottish roots and is no stranger to haggis, porridge and his favourite, his mother's homemade clootie dumplings.

He delighted Meg when he wore a kilt at the Edinburgh premiere of his film Return ToMe in 2000 - his first visit since he was 10.

He said: "I'm very proud of my Scottish blood. It shows in my hard-working nature, perseverance, sense of humour - and a touch of moroseness."

One of the main lures of Californication was filming in Los Angeles so he could be home at night with his wife of 10 years, Deep Impact and Jurassic Park III actress Tea Leoni, and their kids Madelaine West, eight, and five-year-old Kyd Miller.

Afamily man, he puts his marriage and kids before work and doubts he will ever appear before the cameras with his wife.

He said: "We haven't got a deal about one of us working and the other not. We just fly by the seat of our pants.

"But my wife won't be appearing on Californication. Our marriage is sacrosanct and I can't think of a project we would work on together."

Californication has been commissioned for a second series but it is a return to TV David never thought he would make.

He became an international star thanks to his role in The X-Files, playing FBI agent Fox Mulder alongside Gillian Anderson as his sidekick Dana Scully.

It ran for nine seasons but the latter years were marked by lawsuits and fallings out behind the scenes and in the last series David only appeared in the final episodes.

But he is grateful for the opportunities and financial rewards it gave him.

He said: "It is remarkable to get eight or nine years out of a show. The thing The X-Files afforded me was the luxury of being able to choose what I wanted to do. I wasn't considering coming back to TV at all but I never function to a plan."

There were rumours of bad blood between Duchovny and Anderson but both have signed up for the second X-Files movie.

The show had the tagline The Truth Is Out There but whatever it is remains a mystery as both signed confidentiality agreements to keep the story secret.

He joked: "I will be sued if I say anything. But it will be a reunion and it will be good. Each week we had a story that could have been a movie plot.

"I never wanted to kill the character and leave him but I was tired of the grind of a television show."

Californication, Five, Thursday, 10pm.

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