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E! Interviews Duchovny at Hollywood Life's Style Awards

We asked Duchovny what never goes out of style. “Clean underwear,” he offered. Not that he wears much of it in his new show Californication. Despite his salacious scenes, David dished he wasn’t concerned about dropping trou.
“I wasn’t nervous,” he swore. “I spend a lot of time in my life naked. Most mornings, I wake up naked, and it’s all fun.” But when he got onstage to accept his Style Hipster award, presented by the hilarious Orlando Jones, D2 did make his pantsless scenes sound a little more painful.

“It’s nice to show up to work every day knowing you’ll be wearing nothing but a cock-sock,” he deadpanned.

That’s for when Téa’s mischievous man remembers to put it on, mind you.

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