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David and Tea sighting in NYC today

"In other news, Dave and I strolled across Central Park to Mt. Sinai this morning where, as daily custom dictates, I kissed him goodbye at the hospital door and continued my morning walk back home. Whilst rounding the Great Lawn and dodging the usual pooch party, an extremely tall, tanned and exceptionally chiseled David Duchovny ambled past with his fit ‘n blonde wife Tea Leoni. They both oozed star appeal, which is what made me look twice. Duchovny has never graced ‘The List’ (of celebrity men Dave’s given me permission to ‘date’ should the opportunity arise), but after seeing him in the flesh, I’m gonna have to ditch a hunk in favour of Fox Mulder. He is SO striking in real life."


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Anonymous said...

Is there anybody left who doesn't think they are back together and happy?