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'Manure' info and first pics

David Mullen, director of photography, who's working on 'Manure' has been posting regulary about the shoot at this forum.

Some interesting plot information:

"Being a comedic tale about the struggles of old-time manure salesmen competing with new aggressive modern fertilizer salesmen, set in the early 1960’s, the Polish Brothers, in a twist on the all-grey color scheme of "Northfork", have imagined this movie as being only in brown tones. And I mean literally, down to skies and plants and food, etc. being painted in shades of brown.

The movie will star Billy Bob Thornton as the lead manure salesman and Tea Leoni as the woman who inherits the ailing manure company from her father. Kyle MacLachlan will play the lead fertilizer salesman."

A couple of photos of the set:

And a few photos of Tea:

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