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Stars sound off on their skills and failures: David Duchovny

By LUAINE LEE - McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Have you noticed that some people are good with computers, while others are dynamite in the kitchen or quick with crossword puzzles? Some people have no sense of direction while others can find their way out of a San Francisco fog. Celebrities are no different. Following are examples of where some of them excel and where they don't measure up.

David Duchovny ("Californication") is good at sports or "anything like that. I'm terrible at anything mechanical. I can't work anything. I'm stupid at it, and I'm impatient and every machine we get breaks. Both of us (he and his wife, actress Tea Leoni) - every computer, every television, every phone breaks. And we do not know how to work it. Not only do we not know how to work it, but we break it. Tea is terrible too. I'm not even good with cars. She can fix a car. It's pretty impressive. I make a good sandwich."


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