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In Style: David Duchovny's Guilty Pleasures

Here's proof that a sense of humor isn't alien to the former X-Files star, who returns to TV in the comedy Californication

by James Patrick Herman

Hair helper? "I use this waxy stuff called Sharps. It has an astronaut on the lid. He's wearing a helmet and a big smile, and he looks just like Bill Paxton."

Reality TV? "I watched American Idol with my daughter - I hope this ruined her interest in the business. She would make up a list of singers to vote for, and I told her I would call in and vote once she was asleep. But I lied."

"My wife [Tea Leoni] gave me a beautiful Rolex that I never wore. Then she gave me another hideously expensive watch. The good thing is that it finally freed me up to wear the Rolex and not feel so guilty."

Sport? "Being a New Yorker, I like to go bowling. My dad was a pinboy before there were automated pinsetters. And like my father, I became a bowler. I'm pretty good too - I control the floor. See you in the alleys!"

Online addiction? "I spend a lot of time on You Tube. My recent favorite video is of a pack of lions attacking a young water buffalo. Then this crocodile grabs his tail, and it's a tug of war between the lions and the crocodile."

IPod indulgence? "I have a few Barry Manilow songs on it. He's unembarrassed to go for the schmaltz. I love 'Brandy.' No, wait, it's 'Mandy.' But I also have that 'Brandy' song by Looking Glass."

R-rated movie? "On one of our first dates, Tea and I watched Caddyshack. Not that it was out in theaters back then - we watched it on video. I love Bill Murray's character. And the gopher is cute. Boy, they got the animatronics down pat."

- August 2007, InStyle Magazine.

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